Current Team Members

Katelyn Clutterbuck

Current: Ph.D. (2022-present)

  • Katelyn holds a M.Sc. from the University of Melbourne with Professor Brendan Abrahams where she studied electroactive coordination polymers. She is now embarking on Ph.D. research in the area of photonic applications of Metal-Organic Frameworks with applications in All Optical Devices. Her co-supervisor is A/Prof. Girish Lakhwani.

Nathan Corr

Current: M.Phil. (2022-present)

  • Nathan holds a BSc from the University of Sydney (2019) and shortly thereafter worked in industry for a few years. He is currently undertaking his Masters research investigating multifunctional photo-mechano-electrochemically active MOFs.

Xiaochen Fu

Current: Ph.D. (2019-present)

  • Xiaochen holds an M.Sc. from Newcastle University, UK (2012) and a B.Sc. (Appl. Sci.) from the North College of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China (2009). He worked in industry for the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences (2013-2019) before beginning his Ph.D. He is investigating fundamental properties of redox-active MOFs and their application in electrochemical biosensors, with particular attention on the electrochemical detection of pollutants and electrocatalytic mechanisms (including glucose biosensing).

Asher Jintoorkar

Current: BSc (Honours) (2022)

  • Asher completed his Bachelor of Science in 2021 at the University of Newcastle (Chemistry & Mathematics) and is currently completing his Honours in Chemistry investigating optoelectronic MOFs jointly with A/Prof. Girish Lakhwani.

Qinyi Gu

Current: Ph.D. (2019-present)

  • Qinyi has a Bachelors in Science from Shanghai University, China, and Honours (Class I) in Science (Chemistry) from the University of Sydney. She is researching the design and synthesis of redox-active MOFs, focusing on their catalytic and electronic conductive properties. Qinyi is currently located in Nanjing University, China, with Professor Jinglin Zuo's research group.

Lyndon Hall

Current: Ph.D. (2020-present)

  • Lyndon gained his Bachelor of Science with Honours (Class I, University Medal, 2019) in Chemistry from the University of Sydney working on multifunctional photoactive MOFs. His Ph.D. is jointly supervised by A/Prof. Girish Lakhwani on the synthesis and characterisation of chiral MOFs for Nonlinear Optics and All Optical devices.

Dr Eleanor Kearns

Current: Research Assistant (2022-present)

  • Eleanor hails from the north island of New Zealand where she obtained her Bachelor of Science with Honours in Chemistry from the University of Auckland (2018). Her Ph.D. from USyd (2022) unravelled structure activity relationships for photo-mechano-electrochemically active multi-stimuli responsive MOFs as well as 3D printing of MOFs in collaboration with Sothern Green Gas. Eleanor is also passionate about martial arts and holds a black belt in Seido.

Kaleb Miller

Current: BSc (Honours) (2022)

  • Kaleb completed his Bachelor of Science in 2021 and is currently completing his Honours in Chemistry investigating the fundamental science behind hydrophobic coatings in Metal-Organic Frameworks jointly with Prof. Cameron Kepert.

Harrison Moore

Current: Ph.D. (2019-present)

  • Harrison completed his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Chemistry with Honours (Class I) in Chemistry at the University of Sydney. His Ph.D. (co-supervised by Emeritus Prof. Peter Lay) investigates novel extended materials incorporating 2nd and 3rd row transition metals with a mind to producing electroactive, conductive and charge-transfer capable systems. Harrison is also a passionate musician and is in Sydney-based art-rock/shoegaze band Nyanza.

Dr Martin van Koeverden

Current: Postdoc (2021-present)

  • Martin holds Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Engineering (Honours Class I) (2010), M.Phil. (Engineering) (2015) and Ph.D. (Chemistry) (2021) degrees from the University of Melbourne. His M.Phil. was conducted with Prof. Frank Caruso and his Ph.D. with Professors Brendan Abrahams and Richard Robson on novel anionic tetraoxolene MOFs. Martin is currently working on the development of superconducting frameworks.

Sam Wenger

Current: Ph.D. (2021-present)